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The Supima Life | For Him

One of the most obvious things about the choice of clothes you wear in summer is that the fabric of your choice needs to be season friendly. You’re always looking for style and comfort, but the play of utility becomes more important if you’re someone

Drama With The Wings, And Other Little Things

The current weather has been dominating most of my outfit choices, but on some days, I think my OOTD has a mind of its own. I’m moody enough to wear denims even in this sweltering heat, more so if I feel the schedule of my

My Mister Formal

If you’re married to (or are dating) a blogger who’s as addicted to her camera as I am to mine, she’ll always manage to catch glimpses of you doing different things. From embarrassing photos to photo bombing ones,¬†or the really adorable ones as well, there’s

Keeping Up With The Khadi Trend

Khadi is one of those fabrics that comes with baggage, and baggage we don’t mind. When I hear the name ‘khadi‘, I personally instantly think of Mahatma Gandhi, the freedom struggle, independence in India and the cultural roots that we all bring in and carry

Bright Skies And Shooting Stars

It’s a hot and humid afternoon, and if you’re anything like me, the biggest struggle of your life will be on (A) how to keep the air conditioner on all day/night and not freeze yourself to bits (B) how to handle the heat with the

Back To (Summery) Basics

The joy of being able to do what I do every single day has no bounds, and if you listen to my weekly segment on Radio One 94.3 (for you guys in Bombay!) then you know what today’s blog post is about: going back to

April Favourites! {Summer Special} | What When Wear

Hi #WWWFam! I hope you guys have been enjoying all the wedding uploads! Here’s the link to the full playlist – This video is of my April 2017 favourites. I’m doing a monthly round up after a bit, but I’m hoping to do more

Casual Dramatics

I’ve been excited about sharing this blog post with you since the day we shot it. The empowering white and blue, Greek vibes that come through from the location we shot this look at, the flare of the sleeves, the detailing of the curls done