The Honest Youtuber Tag | YouTubers & Brand Habits I Don’t Like | Aanam C

This honest YouTuber tag is something I’ve been meaning to share with you guys since a while – it’s something that I found so interesting to watch and found quite a few new creators through this as well. (I’ve subscribed to so many new channels because of it!)

I hope you enjoy this Truthful YouTuber Tag which I hope won’t get me into trouble (lol) but its all the truth so there’s no denying facts, right! Go ahead and tell me what you thought of this video down below in the comments – love you all!


Anti Haul…

Product empties playlist…

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO but here’s the disclaimer I talked about in the video for your reference:

?? This video has been sponsored by (xxx brand). Read more about why and how I work on sponsored content here:… [END OF DISCLAIMER SAMPLE :)]

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