My lockdown birthday surprisingly turned out to be one of the best ones ever! Even though it was a quarantine birthday, everyone around me went out of their way to make it special and I can’t thank them enough – my gratitude has ten folded! My special day was full of surprises, and SO MANY CAKES!!

if you have a birthday coming up through this lockdown, I’m going to urge you to not feel low about it (I did for a bit before mine), I’m sure the people in your life love you and will do their best to make it better. Make sure you watch this video till the end to get the full on summary of what this super eventful day was like!

Time stamps:

0:00 Introduction

0:49 A ‘normal’ work day after a long time

4:38 Going to pick up my cake (and not getting to see it!)

5:32 Surprise part one

8:09 At midnight bringing in my birthday (more surprises!)

8:58 My birth ‘day’

16:47 Major gratitude Other videos mentioned in the vlog: Massive makeup declutter https://youtu.be/UyVKF7Y9dzE

All the details about my Intermittent Fasting https://youtu.be/cJYbfeHyqVE

VLOG from my husband’s birthday also in lockdown https://youtu.be/Fd7tfk9Yekw

My birthday WEEK VLOG https://youtu.be/2qADUMpQ0Qk

29 things about me – Birthday Special video https://youtu.be/RLWvEltPV6A

UNLISTED surprise birthday video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqhIi…

My Self Care Sunday playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Products mentioned in the vlog

The PIXI Beauty under eye mask I was wearing https://www.pixibeauty.com/products/d…

Instagram handles for all the cakes in the video:

Angel’s Bake (FRIENDS cake) https://www.instagram.com/angelsbake/ Chocolate tarte cake https://www.instagram.com/brownbutter…

Nutella cake that Smita sent to me https://www.instagram.com/dessertdeli…

Savour By Sanjana (that my mom ordered for me) https://www.instagram.com/savourbysan…