WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Tarot Readings For 22nd March 2020

Here’s bringing to you another WEEKLY HOROSCOPE along with Rinky Punjabi. I’m so glad to share these tarot card readings with you guys, that I have personally found so helpful many a times in the past. Here are the time stamps:

Aries 0:25

Taurus 1:40

Gemini 2:33

Cancer 3:37

Leo 4:48

Virgo 6:03

Libra 7:26

Scorpio 8:47

Sagittarius 9:44

Capricorn 10:52

Aquarius 12:02

Pisces 13:07

Rinky’s contact details:

Instagram – instagram.com/rinkysangelican

Email – punjabirinky@gmail.com

YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2e…