5 Celebrities Who Made Grunge Look Glam

Some girls are really good with the whole ‘put together’ look. The sleek silhouette, pastel shades, french-manicured toe types. Others are not quite as high-maintenance. All they need is a crop top, some ripped jeans and a leather jacket and they’re good to go. Personally, I believe I fall into the latter category (and I love it!).

This style first caught on in the 90s and was called grunge. And everybody from college kids to A-lister celebrities were in on it. Decades later, grunge is still going strong. Have a look at some of our favourite celebrities in grunge and revel, like we did, in the extreme glam quotient in their looks.


Rihanna 5 Celebrities Who Made Grunge Look Glam

Rihanna: She’s the grunge it girl. Rihanna has got her grunge game on, and fabulously so. We love this leather on leather look, and that curly mop of hair just brings the whole look together, don’t you think?

Shraddha Kapoor 5 Celebrities Who Made Grunge Look Glam

Shraddha Kapoor: Bollywood’s darling, Shraddha Kapoor gave us a peek into how to do grunge at her ABCD2 promotions, and we are dazzled by her versatility. The berry lip and the dark outfit work so well together, and we are amazed that the cute bubbly Shraddha could pull off this look so fabulously.

Rita Ora 5 Celebrities Who Made Grunge Look Glam

Rita Ora: A red plaid dress, some strappy heels and a gorgeous leather jacket; Rita Ora definitely knows how to do grunge right.

Sarah Hyland 5 Celebrities Who Made Grunge Look Glam

Sarah Hyland: Another one who surprised us with her on-point take on grunge, Sarah Hyland turned heads with this look. Though we are used to seeing the Modern Family star in pretty dresses and long tresses, we quite like this edgy look on her, don’t you?

Kylie Jenner 5 Celebrities Who Made Grunge Look Glam

Kylie Jenner: Because any sartorial list is incomplete without the Kardashian-Jenners, right? With grunge, it’s the youngest of the brood that takes the crown. Kylie Jenner looks gorgeous in this simple leather on black look. Maybe she should do grunge-glam lessons on social media next. What do you think?