5 Reasons Dancing Is Awesome

So after years of waiting around to ‘find time for it’, I decided to create some, and go join a dance class. I’ve never been trained as a dancer, but have also had the love for the rhythmic movement. After much debate over where to go, I decided to go over and join Jazz Funk, at a dance institute called Split Sole Dance Academy, founded by Dhiraj Bakshi (of Dance India Dance fame). I’m going to be honest – I really didn’t know whether I had it in me to be able to go for something like a dance class for very long, considering the crazy schedule I follow. But I’ve learnt with this new milestone, that you’ll create time and patience for anything you have a drive for! Over the past three months of being a student at SSDA (where they use #ShowOff as a term, by the way!) I’ve taken into account a few major benefits I’ve had the opportunity to gain; here are some of them:

1. Keeps my fit: naturally, the regular exercise for the otherwise lazy body, is doing me some good. I feel more able to travel around without getting lethargic, and have realized that my posture and body balancing has gotten a lot better, too. Plus, the routine doesn’t just strengthen your muscles, but also works on and builds on your muscle memory.

2. Keeps you away from diseases: Well, this one’s sort of scientific, and hence, true. Apart from protecting you from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, dancing regularly also prevents the possibility towards having extremely high or low blood pressure. Personally, I have an issue with low blood pressure: if I don’t eat for 2-3 hours, and if I’ve exerted myself with work or travel, my pressure drops. But ever since I’ve joined dance class, I feel like my ability to go on has gotten better.

3. Stamina improvement: Much like the point above, I feel like my ability to travel, dance and do more physically has definitely gone upward. I’m able to go longer hours without getting lethargic and feel a lot fresher, in general, too.

4. Memory improvement: Just like the muscle memory, your brain is able to take in more detail over period of time. You get more oxygen supply physiologically, and hence, helps you be more active, thanks to the circulation.

5. It’s just such a good feeling in general! With the music, the vibe, the amazing people you get to meet and the joy of grooving to the music, I know that joining  a dance class is one of the best decisions I ever made!