5 Steps You Need To Follow If You’re A False Eyelash Newbie

Getting your first pair of false eyelashes is a major milestone for any beauty aficionado. Whether you buy them on a whim or they’re something you’ve been willing to try to add that extra ~drama~, getting yourself to actually put them on can be a feat in itself. It’s a super intimidating process and there’s so many ways in which it can go wrong, but the end result is nothing less than dramatic for a full glam make up look! If you’re up for this challenge, here’s five steps you should keep in mind before you put on those falsies, as they’re fondly called by the make up community:


  1. One size doesn’t fit all – You might need to trim the lash band and even the lashes to make sure they’re not too wide or long for your eyes.


2. Experiment – You might need to try a few pairs and brands to find the right fit for your eye shape.


3. Read: about all the ingredients on the lash glue and invest in one from a reputed brand to make sure it doesn’t harm your eyes.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-25-43-pm4. While applying your lashes: hold down the centre of the lash first with the tweezers and then adjust them on either side to fit your lash line. screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-26-34-pm5. To remove your lashes: use an oil free make up remover and hold it down with a cotton pad on your eye till the lash slips off. Don’t pull off your falsies or you might just pluck your real ones out!