6 Things You Must Not Miss In Bahrain

Helloooooo, every time I sit to write a blog post, I realise how much I LOVE doing this! I know I’ve been doing it a lot less considering so many videos go up on my YouTube channel each week, but typing my thoughts on something is almost like coming home to what I’ve been used to for so long.

Today’s blog post is about a few of my personal highlights from a trip to Bahrain I made last month. I was invited by Bahrain Tourism and had the chance to see a few different things across 3-4 days. First off I have to say, I wish I had more time to spend in this beautiful country! There are more things on my wish list still pending to be seen, so maybe stay tuned for more content I create when I head there next – personal trip included. I feel like I got a great introduction to the country and its overall culture, but I’m a greedy traveller and would definitely like to see more! (I’m just one of those people that wants to explore every aspect of a place rather than just a few touch points)

First things first, one of the main highlights of my trip to Bahrain was the annual Bahrain Jazz Festival. It was a fun evening at an open park where people across so many different age brackets came together to enjoy the music and vibe of the evening. Right from the little food market set up on the side to the shopping area on the other. If you’re fond of jazz music, make sure you plan your trip around this annual event!

Al Fateh Grand Mosque: You can’t go to an Islamic country and not take in the culture in its truest form. Al Fateh Grand Mosque is the biggest place of worship in the country and also houses the National Library of Bahrain. It’s a huge space that you can walk into, or even book yourself a private tour for in advance. Be sure to not hop in on a Friday though, since Jummah Namaz might be in order in the afternoon and most of their staff has their weekly off after. If you’re someone interested in knowing about the workings of Islam, I strongly advise you to take the tour with an Islamic scholar who will take you through the history of the religion as well as many other details.

A boat ride: With beautiful sunsets that Bahrain is a witness of, taking a sunset boat ride might be a good idea. We took one from the Avenue Mall Gate that was a little over an hour in a speed boat that takes you across one side of Bahrain from end to end. These boat rides are available every 60 to 90 minutes (Be careful if you get sea sick, please)

Al Areen Palace and Spa: Bahrain, as most other Middle Eastern countries, come with a lot of luxury attached to its’ status. I had the chance of staying at one such property, Al Areen Palace and Spa. I lived in one of the biggest suites (or should I just say palace?) I’ve ever stayed in; I was so thankful to get to see this Sex And The City’esque side of things – but I have to be honest and tell you, I wish I had more time to really make the most of the spoils we were being offered. I only had one evening free, so even though I had my own bath tub, jacuzzi and the property came with one of the best spas in the country, I really got to experience close to nothing of it. Another reason to go back some time? I guess so! #GlassHalfFull 😉

The Bahrain International Circuit: This was undoubtedly one of the most exciting evenings from my trip to Bahrain! Getting to go kart on the F1 circuit was a thrilling experience! I made an average time of 1.35 minutes per lap, which doesn’t seem so bad to me 😉 Highly recommending this as a must not miss if you love a little adrenaline rush!

Bab Al-Bahrain: This is where the original gates to enter Manama lay. The spot is historic for how many businesses it has brought into the country over centuries, making Bahrain the economic power house that it is today. The Mashrafa you’re seeing above me in the picture (below) is one of the most beautiful installations you’ll see through the country. And what makes this spot all the most of a must-see for me was that the main Souq (market) was right there as well. If you’re looking for anything from spices to jewellery, this is where you should come! In addition to this, Old Manama (a slightly less modern side of the city) lies just on the other side, making it great for explorers like me to probably spend a whole day there.

I really hope this blog post comes useful to you when you’re planning your visit to this beautiful, culturally rich country! My vlog will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that! I know I want to go back to see so much more for sure. In the meanwhile, don’t miss out on all my other travels on Instagram – make sure you’re following #WhatWhenWearTravels 🙂