7 Super Easy DIYs For The Monsoon

We’re almost halfway through the monsoon and I must say, as much as I love the rains, this stay-at-home weather is really starting to get to me. Travelling to the other side of town seems like nothing less than a trek – and oh, the traffic – let’s not even go there. In such weather, most of us prefer staying at home as much as our routine permits. Now while you’re home, why not up your style quotient a bit with these super easy DIYs for the monsoon? You can glam up even the simplest of outfits with everyday stuff that you find lying around at home. Revamp your outfits, create new accessories and most of all, eliminate all that boredom by channeling the creative fashion diva within you. Seems like fun, doesn’t it?

So the next time you step out wearing one of your own creations, you’ll have people wondering how your wardrobe went through such a┬átransition, that too while you stayed indoors! Gather your scissors, glue and sequins, ladies – let’s get to work.

1. Mosaic-ish Collar Top

All you need is a basic top with a plain, old collar and an old CD. Dip the CD into warm water and get rid of the covering film by making a cut on the CD. Then use a scissor to cut it into smaller triangles, and cover the entire collar of the top with them. Voila! You have a super funky top to wear for that lunch out.

monsoon DIYs

2. Blingy + Lacy Shorts

Revamp a pair of old shorts by using leftover sequins or lace strips, incase you designed some clothing earlier or removed some from a top. Glue these on to the back pocket of basic denim shorts, in a funky order for an on-trend and monsoon-ready look.


3. Funky Show-Off Bustier

Disclaimer: this look is highly casual. The monsoon is one of those seasons where we tend to shy from wearing all the light hues and pastels in our wardrobe. Use an old bustier, tube top or bikini top and cut off the sides. Stitch on some bright, neon elastic to it’s edges in three horizontal stripes and here’s something you can wear inside those light shades, without fear of it going transparent in the water. You can also wear this inside a tank top, if you like to show off just a bit!

monsoon DIYs

4. Tie-Up Flip Flops

The monsoon is definitely incomplete without a pair of trendy flip-flops in your wardrobe. Use an old printed scarf and follow the simple twists and turns below for a funky, tie-up version of the basic flip-flops. Surely statement-making!

monsoon DIYs

5. Rain-friendly, bow gumboots

Sometimes, even the plain old black gumboot needs a little amping up. Try this super easy DIY trick to add a cute, little, feminine bow to these otherwise bulky boots. All you need are some sharp tools to help you make some little, circle frames and make it look neat and a nice printed ribbon or cloth.

monsoon DIYs

6. DIY Umbrella

Geometric prints are one of our favourite things this season. Get creative and use this print on a solid-colour umbrella. Take some fabric paint in two contrasting colours, create a stencil and paint away till you think it reflects your style. Because, the monsoon is definitely the moment of the umbrella.

monsoon DIYs

7. Printed Jeans

Bored of your plain, old denims? Revamp them with a little stencil in any shape- stars, hearts or circles and a some white fabric paint for a super trendy and adorable take on denims.

monsoon DIYs