7 Types of Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Life

After taking you guys through the beauty tools that will change your life, it’s time we make you accustomed to the seven types of makeup brushes you will need. It can be quite nerve wracking going into a beauty shop and trying to pick out the right makeup brush. With so many types of makeup brushes and little explanation or knowledge of what they are used for, we can all can feel lost sometimes. This encouraged us to make a collective list of which brushes you should own and when to use each of them:

1. Fan Brush: This brush actually is quite multipurpose. It can be used to apply blush, blend, clean up excess powder and highlight cheekbones. It is the ideal tool for gently sweeping on, highlighting or bronzing powder for that soft-focus effect.

fan brush

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2. Powder Brush: The most common of all brushes and should be in everybody’s makeup collection. It is used to apply any type of powder foundation product. Use it with loose or pressed powders; just tap off the excess before using sweeping motions to brush it across the face.

Powder brush: 7 Types of make-up brushes you need

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3. Eye Blending Brush: This brush is perfect for blending in your eye shadow along the crease of your lids. There’s nothing like some flirty and sexy smokey eye look to spice up a hum-drum day.

Eye blending brush: 7 Types of make-up brushes you need.

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4. Angled Eye Brush: It is used to define your eyes. It can be used with gel eyeliners or even along your crease to get a more precise line. The angled shape allows for more defined shading. Turn heads with the perfect cat eye look this season.

Angle eyed brush: 7 Types of make-up brushes you need.

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5. Smudge Brush: Use this to soften eyeliner for a smoky, sultry look. It helps to obtain the coveted smokey eye. It has soft bristles that let you smudge a concentrated area. It is one of the best tools to have in your kit.

Smudger brush: 7 Types of make-up brushes you need.

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6. Lip Brush: The typically tiny brush allows you to apply lipstick or gloss more precisely to the lips. Get those perfect 3D lips that are super effective and sophisticated!

Lip brush:7 Types of make-up brushes you need.

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7. Kabuki: It is a short brush with wide round or flat bristles. It is used to apply mineral powder by using a circular motion to buff the powder into your skin

Kabuki:7 Types of make-up brushes you need.

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