Triumph Magic Wire Editorial 3

I’ve blogged about a lot of things since I started this website in December 2011, but it’s the first time for the subject of lingerie. While I have to admit, I’ve had my qualms about talking about this intimate part of fashion for a long time, I decided that if I was going to break the chain and go ahead with this, the product better be worth it – and worth it, it is! Triumph‘s new Magic Wire bra is a product I was recently introduced to, and I decided to take on their challenge of experiencing intimate fashion that looks and feels just as good. So when I browsed through their catalog and found some lovely designs, I was pleasantly surprised, but the main challenge had to be the fit part of it. And so, after giving their new product a shot and trying it out, here are the observations I made:

Triumph Magic Wire Editorial 1

All about comfort: While most ‘good looking lingerie’ in the market today may be diluted with the way they fit, the Magic Wire set was as comfortable to wear as to see. The integrated underwire sits comfortably on your chest with no pokes, or even the hard-push feel that makes the presence of metal felt.

No inhibitions: Unlike most mixed cup sizes in bras these days, the Magic Wire was easy to wear under everything, from fitted tank tops to ethnic wear through the shaadi season.

Strap comfortability: One of the major downsides to super smooth straps is the way it could slide off, making for a rather embarrassing situation. These straps though, were easy to slide and easier to keep on. Without leaving too-much-pressure spots on those delicate shoulders, I thought that this model of Triumph’s lingerie was the perfect balance of delicate and tough.

Big girl issues: Girls’ nights out (or in) are often full of discussions varying from food, weight, the newest chick-flick, cute boys, work and even lingerie. One of the problems I’ve heard of the most – and even read about in too many magazines – is that girls who are on the heavier bust size don’t always find the intimate fashion companion of their choice, making it a perpetual choice between comfort or style. Well ladies, not anymore; the Magic Wire is available in a range of colours – and yes, in all sizes!

Riding back: A whole lot of girls can wear their bras the ‘regular’ way, i.e with their super flexible arms that know exactly where to hook the matter; while the same number of girls complain about how they wear their lingerie through the ‘wear and turn’ technique. Well, either ways, one of the biggest issues is that the back straps coften ride up or down, if the fit isn’t right for you. The easiest way to get the best Magic Wire fit is to walk into the closest Triumph store near you, and ask for guidance from the sales girls, who will be most happy to help you with the right chest and cup size for your body type.
Triumph Magic Wire Editorial 1 Triumph Magic Wire Editorial 1

Like what you see? You can show the Magic Wire bras from Jabong, Zimave and physical stores like Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons among other places, too. Want to know more about the Magic Wire? Go over to the Triumph Facebook or Twitter pages!

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Photos by Megha Mehta