A Tête-à-tête With Ritika Bharwani

One of the finest perks of being a part of the fashion industry is that you get to meet the most interesting people. You get to see, interact with, get to know people from all walks of life, who have such varied interests, it can blow your mind. Now, I’m no alien to meeting fashion designers; if anything, it’s probably one thing I do most (apart from blogging). However, what amazed me about meeting this wonderful woman, Ritika Bharwani, was how dedicated she was to her work and the humbleness with which she explained to me her truest inspirations and aspirations.PicMonkey Collage8 copy3 copy 14 The three year old label, ritika, has gained much momentum since its’ inception. Being the creative head behind the brand, Ritika believes strongly that her love for fashion which she discovered at the early age of seven or eight, helped her gain direction towards her goals from the very beginning. The SNDT and London College Of Fashion graduate knows well that the best kind of designs are those that come from a force that inspires you. Being the ardent traveller that she is, Ritika often gets ideas for her patterns and colour palettes from different countries around the globe; like the middle eastern mosaics behind her burst of colours and patterns from her Spring Summer 2014 range.1 copy 2 10 copy 11 copy

Ritika admits that one of the biggest challenges she enjoys being a fashion designer, is drawing the balance between her own sense of style, and the client demands. Ritika admits that all her garments have a touch of her personal style sensibilities, but considering the fact that as a label, the team is open to customising colours, fits and styles for each customer, they’re fully flexible, too.4 copy 5 6 copy 7 copy 13

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ritika for taking the time out and letting me explore her Turner Road store like a child in a sweet shop (with the bright, happy clothes calling out to me, I really couldn’t help it!). Personally, I’m looking forward to the launch of her Winter Festive 2014 collection in the week to come. I promise to update all of you with that soon enough, too!

Until next time,