A Whole New Leaf

If you follow mine or the blog’s handles on Twitter, you will have noticed that I’ve taken to trying out a whole new range of new beauty regimes. Much like the number of new products I’ve introduced to my makeup kit, I’m also doing the same for skin care. Now here’s a confession: The first time I ever waxed my hands, which was in the seventh grade, I did it for fun.I had barely a couple of hairs on my body, and since all the girls were doing it, I didn’t want to feel left out – I know, I know, in hindsight, it was one of the silliest things I ever did – but facts don’t change. Easily the only thing I’ve ever given in to based on peer pressure – and the silliest, too.

I recently attended the Gillette Venus blogger event at Palladium, and learnt a whole lot about hair removal as a sub-category of skin care. Being one of the few mainstream brands in the industry, and quite honestly, something that’s always kept in hush-hush, I thought it was an amazing idea for women to come together and answer each others’ questions and discuss hair removal. The discussion panel was lead by three women who swear who banking on shaving as their go-to method of hair removal: Kriti Sanon, Namrata Soni and Dr Rashmi Shetty. From underarms to bikini zones, everything was discussed in this no-holds-barred two-way conversation, and based on the chats, I learnt that not only is shaving the most painless technique of hair removal, but also the most convenient. Kriti carries a little blade set with her no matter where she goes, and she strongly believes the convenience and non-messiness of it. More so, Namrata mentioned she’s been shaving for close to fifteen years, and that the myth about hair getting thicker needs to be busted – in fact, she claimed, her hair removal frequency has only gotten a lot less for the lack of need to be anything else. Dr Rashmi, in the meanwhile, highlighted that unlike methods like waxing and epilating, shaving cleans out the dead skin only, along with your hair; which by the derma-logical sense is the most healthy and sensible way of maintaining hygiene.

What’s my take on it, you ask? Well, I’ve never shaved in my life! But after hearing all the wonderful things everyone had to say about their experiences, I can’t help but want to give this a shot! I’m going to leave behind my inhibitions about shaving being ‘too masculine’ for me, and actually give the blade a go! Stay tuned for my review; and in the meanwhile scroll on to see my tweets and pictures from the event

(P.S: scroll right till the end at catch a bunch of embarrassing pictures of me that I’ve actually added to this post :P)


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