Airpods: Unboxing Video & Review

I got my hands on the Apple AirPods a little over two weeks ago, and I think my convenience levels have gone up by notches. At first, I wasn’t entirely convinced to get a pair of these for myself, mainly because I didn’t know how much it might help. But after realising I would be able to pair them with my Mac Book Air, iPad Pro and iPhone X all in one click, I was pretty easily convinced. It does come at the price of INR 12,900 (approx) which some might think is a little steep for a pair of earphones, but to be honest, I’m finding the price totally worth it. Here are a few things I’m loving about my new toy:

  • Pairing on point: The most tedious task about having to use a bluetooth accessory – whether it’s a speaker system or a pair of ear phones – is the constant need to search/list/pair your device. But with the AirPods, all you’ve got to do is switch your device’s (phone, laptop or iPad) bluetooth on, and just open the flap of the AirPods’ case. Your AirPod details will automatically appear on the screen of the phone, and pair instantly! It really is that simple.
  • Charge for the better: It’s really annoying to have to wait for your devices to charge, specially if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go. But clearly, Apple thought this one through! The AirPods come with a tiny case, but don’t be fooled. This case isn’t just a storage convenience (so you don’t lose the wireless babies) but in fact, it’s a mini charger that you can use for multiple full battery charges for your AirPods. 15 minutes inside this little case gives your pair of AirPods 3 hours worth of battery life for listening time, or a little over one hour worth of talk time. What’s more? You can keep the case charging even while you’re using the AirPods. This ensures longer usage of your electronics with all the more convenience.
  • One at a time: If you’re someone who likes to be on a call or listen to music while you’re walking around, doing errands, or even while doing your house chores, you can always maintain a balance between your real and phone audio with just one AirPod at a time. The sound quality is good enough and you get to make the best of both worlds.
  • In your case: The charging case doesn’t take too long to charge, and is really easy to carry around. It’s tiny enough to keep in your little shoulder bag, or even in the pockets of your jeans. I’ve already stalked Amazon for multiple options of covers, so you know you can add a little personality to it, and shuffle it up, whenever you like!
  • Info-easy: If you’re worried about battery life in general (my phone is always charging when I’m home!!) your AirPods will let you find out their % in just a flick of the case flap. Alternatively, you can go over to your widgets and add ‘battery details’ so you can see your battery % at all times – this includes knowing the percentage of your case battery as well.
  • Compatibility level ‘A’: Last but not the least, I think my favourite thing about using the AirPods is that I can use the same pair across all my Apple devices. All those worries about having multiple earphones from your lightning jack to your 3.55mm jack are all gone!!

Now you have it, all the reasons you know I’ve absolutely loved using the AirPods so far, and why I’ll be hooked on to it for a while to come. Its going to take some time for the people around to me to get the difference between when I’m addressing them or if I’m on a call (LOL) but I’m sure they’ll figure that out. I’m also not going to pretend to believe that the AirPod design isn’t ultra futuristic in a completely not-slightly-weird way, but to be honest, the look is growing on me.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a new electronic toy to have, that amplifies your Apple device convenience, you know this one has my vote!

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