Arrow Imprint | Make Way For Formal Prints!

1Leaving aside the peplums, sheers, metallics and sports gear that’s all trending this season, we know that the one trend that’s ruling the roost is prints. With big fashion houses reinventing the quirkiness of prints season after season, making our wardrobes hipper than ever before, we’ve fallen in love with the ability to wear prints on absolutely any day at all.


One thing that somehow fell short all this time was menswear with prints with a balance of them being quirky, but not too quirky for work wear. With a balance to be able to translate them from being work formals to switching them out wear with denims for a lighter feel. And that’s where Arrow steps in.



I attended the Arrow Imprint launch party a couple of days ago and had a look at some of the pieces from their newest Spring Summer line. With stylish prints like birds, leaves and contemporary paisleys to innovative dual tone ones like bubble wrap, their entire line was a marking point for how each print has a personality of its’ own. Having collaborated with GQ India to shoot, market and launch the campaign, the Arrow team displayed their entire range to us and shared the concept behind how someone who’d like the birdie print (me! me!) is likely to be someone outgoing and social¬†(not wrong at all!)¬†and how someone who would choose the bubble wrap would be an analyst by nature; or how someone who wore the chilly detailing print would be most entertaining for an audience.


All in all, the collection is something I’d like to play with myself for an oversized shirt or to style someone for my next shoot in. You know you’d like to check out their newest line too, so head over to your nearest Arrow store and see how gifting ideas for men this season just got a lot easier, and a lot more fun.

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Until next time,

Aanam C x