Bewitched Harry Potter Make-Up Now In The Market!

We can all finally own a little piece of magic! The Portland based company, Shiro cosmetics, has won our hearts by brewing this crazy line up! They introduced the magical set last halloween as a festive collection, we think that a revisit to the season and the never ending love for AllThingsPotter, they decided to time travel and brought it back for us! Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles are the names of their mystifying collection. (Is there any spell to calm me down?)

This spell bound makeup introduces 5 lip gloss colours, 20 eye shadows, one bronzer and one shimmer face powder. Apart from the commendable packaging that you can see, the names given to each of the products have left us with no chill. To name a few, they are inspired by potions and spells, a magenta shaded lip gloss is named love potion (perfect for your next date). Butter beer, one of our favourites is a lovely dense caramel colour.

Harry Potter Makeup

Reaching out to the eye shadows, the names could literally give you goosebumps: On the top left is the dark bronze called ‘Dark and Light inside us’. (Its like Sirius whispering those words to us) And our personal favourite is certainly the lush emerald green name ‘Have a biscuit, Potter’

Harry Potter Makeup

This beautiful range is now permanently available in the market all year around; the best part being that its extremely affordable. Each of the uncanny products are $6-$8, and the trial pack is only for $1. We can’t wait to get our hands on all of them. And we suggest you’ll to go Accio it all too!