Birthday Doll: Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger turns 37 today and she definitely doesn’t show any signs of ageing as she grows hotter year by year. Her ticket to fame was the burlesque group-turned-singers Pussycat Dolls and she’s been one of the sexiest ladies around the music world ever since. Seriously, dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like her? Even after she decided to go solo and split from the group she’s bloomed into one of Hollywood’s most sought after ladies. She’s been rocking the charts this year with her single ‘Your Love’ and we simply cannot take our eyes off how gorgeous she looks.

With that perfect figure to flaunt and that barbie girl smile we’re pretty sure she’s gonna turn up the temperature in the year to come too. But, since the future is unseen – here’s a throwback to some of Nicole Scherzinger’s hottest red carpet moments where she simply stole our breath away.