BlackOut: 4 Simple Rules To Glam Up A Regular Look

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Top and cut out palazzos, Stalk Buy Love / Statement neckpiece, sourced / Clutch, Brandiktiv / Heels, local boutique in Los Angeles

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone seems to be cramming up the local boutiques, jamming the eStores and making the most of the high street sales. But if you’re someone with a full time job and are constantly on the run between your work, personal time and gym routines, you’ll know that taking yourself to the malls can become a task more often than a treat. Keeping in mind that the female age groups of 17 to 50 (pretty much all of us!) are all putting together their looks for the best date night of the year, (or at least for what they’re hoping it will be) I decided to do a post dedicated to how to you can amp up any regular look with just a few key tricks:

>> Beauty rush: Not a lot of us like to blowdry our hair on a regular basis. Heck, if you’re someone who’s living the typical ‘fast paced life of Bombay’, you might more often than not even have the time to wear your kohl before leaving the house. (I have a friend who reaches her office and heads straight for the washroom, wears her makeup there and then goes to her seat. No jokes!) Keeping this in mind, do something different. I love the volume that curls give to my look, but if you prefer poker straight hair, don’t be afraid to try that look either.

>> Lip up: Most women stick to nude shades on a regular basis, but on this day, when things are going to get all romantic with sunshines and daisies, you might want to plump up your lips. Opt for a bright lip, a shade that complements your colour well and amp it up with a mix of lip balm.

>> Accessorise: Throw in that one key piece that you know will be enough for the look, or if you like, you can add a stack of a few dainty pieces, too.

>> Add personality to your look: Adding that je ne se quoi to any look is essential, and for special occasions like this, it’s needed all the more. You could carry a bag that you think is ‘very you’, or a blazer to keep you feeling in place. I chose to bare the slit style, something I’ve wanting to try for the longest time now for a power packed look. Another option you could try out is to go for a solid, monochrome look. With this all black look, I chose to play safe keeping in mind that it blends well no matter where you head to for the night: drinks, dinner or dancing.

I hope these tips have helped you out! Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of this post in the comments section below. If you have any additional points, don’t be afraid to add them too.

Until next time xA

Photography by Megha Mehta