Brand Collaboration | FAQs

Do you collaborate with brands? If so, how do you select which brands to collaborate with?

Yes, we collaborate with brands to create content that’s current, and to tell you about new launches¬†from our first hand experiences. From the many brands that write in to us to be featured, we filter them out basis what we think fits the tonality and positioning of the blog, and what we think our readers and viewers would be most interested in reading about and watching.¬†

So if brands are being collaborated with for the content how authentic is your opinion for it?

We are sometimes gifted free products and/or are paid for certain features, but no free gifts or money in the world would tempt us into saying something we don’t actually believe in. We may get a lot of offers, but we only agree with and feature brands on the blog – or even across our social media – that we know meet our standards of quality, and nothing below that. We’re adjusting people who’ll compromise in funny little life situations, but the quality of our content is something we’ll never *settle* for.

How does your blog grow and make money?

Well, we monetise our YouTube content and the brand collaborations across our social media and/or the website help us monetise the brand as a whole. Apart from this, we also host events for brands and take on projects for brands under the What When Wear ToolBox vertical (more on that on other parts of the website)

What are your advertising policies like?

Our advertising policies are simple, if we’re genuinely sold on the concept, branding and (of course) the product as a whole, we’ll talk about it.

All in all..

.. We’re happy to meet and work in tandem with like-minded brands that will help us co-create new content, which will update our readers across the genres of fashion, beauty and lifestyle from a realistic approach. If you think your brand fits the bill, get in touch!