Break The Taboos!

Women use all kinds of code words while explaining to someone that they are going through ‘that time of the month’. Yes, you guessed it right: we are talking about the menstruation cycle. In today’s age where no topic seems forbidden, menstruation remains utterly beyond the pale. Whisper has taken an initiative to bring to the forefront the bizarre period taboos prevailing in India. It has also encouraged women to step out of the mind set and challenge the period taboos. #TeamWWW recently attended the product launch of an all new Whisper Ultra Clean campaign called #OwnThose5Days at St. Regis in Palladium, Mumbai.

Whisper New Product LaunchAs soon as we settled down, a familiar voice welcomed us from backstage and the crowd at once guessed who it was. It was none other than the versatile and very talented Aditi Mittal, our host for the event. She rightly said that the word ‘periods’ in India, is the equivalent of the word ‘Voldemort’ in Hogwarts (you know what we mean, Potterheads!) She spoke about breaking the vicious circle of menstrual taboo and how one should #OwnThose5days, literally. Also on the panel was actress Kalki Koechlin along with Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, who openly spoke about ‘chums’, ‘the friends in our pants’ and ‘the big red monster’ and busted some myths regarding periods.

Whisper New Product Launch

Research and development expert, Chetan Kotyalkar, highlighted the exceptional features of the new product and gave us a demonstration on how the new Whisper works best for us. With the new Whisper Ultra Clean, you can be totally carefree now, and ditch your old habit of constantly checking and changing your sanitary napkin. It is 40% longer than an ordinary napkin and has five times more absorbency (so now you know why we’re rooting for this one). The lock core feature helps absorb fluids and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection. One can rely on Whisper Ultra Clean for days when your period flow is very heavy. Also the stretchable wings help you wrap comfortably around your panties to keep the pad in place. Which, let’s face it, is one of the main concerns while living the busy lives full of hustling and bustling that we have.

Whisper New Product Launch

Ladies, it’s time we broke the taboos, overcome our fears & conquer our dreams. With Whisper Ultra Clean on our side, we can be unstoppable and keep doing what we love and #OwnThose5Days. Go on and follow Whisper on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website for more information on the product.