Caitlyn Jenner Gives A Glimpse Of Glamour

Ever since her Vanity Fair debut in June, Caitlyn Jenner has been ‘breaking the internet’ and press alike with her inspiring story. Well, we all spoke about that for a few days – discussing the why’s and why nots and expressing our support to this born-again femme. But what’s been even more inspiring than her story is her typical New York poise. We and millions around the world could not deny that whether you accept this transformation or not, the woman’s got style. She’s been sighted walking around the New York sidewalks going on shopping sprees, showing off those long, tan legs and the paparazzi have been snapping away to show the world a glimpse of her glamour. The Jenners are just killing it with their style everywhere. (Must be hereditary? :P) So while she indulges in some much-needed retail therapy, scroll down to see a handful of Caitlyn Jenner’s most fashionable looks: