Celebrity Airport Style That You Can Wear To College

Now that ‘airport style’ is definitely an acceptable and trending term in the world of fashion, it’s left us wondering if it’s okay to strut around for a casual day at college, wearing some Bollywood celebrity-inspired airport style look. I mean, think of it, what’s the harm? They travel much more than us, and they have to do it looking their best. We stick around to our daily routine, and we want to look our best. Airport style is something that’s casual, comfortable and classy, and that’s exactly what every teenage girl wants to feel and look like during her college years. This must be a god-sent revelation, because it all matches up.

Now we know, you’re not going to want to go to college in 3 layers of clothing, so we’ve decoded some styles that celebs wore to the airport, that can look great and are easy to imitate using wardrobe staples and throwing in some accessories here and there. So here goes: