Ce N’est Pas Possible

A french phrase that literally means ‘this is not possible’, ce n’est pas possible unfortunately for fashion, is. A lot of people ‘experiment’ with their clothing (to say the least) while running away from the heat in summer. And while some of you reading this may as well hate me for banning the most comfortable dressing down rules, you can’t forget about how they really actually, are subconscious bye-byes to the fashion points you’re getting. So here are 5 things NOT to do while escaping the NotTooMuchEffort syndrome that this time of the year brings in with it.

Must not. Must not. Must not.

Must not. Must not. Must not.

1. Full stockings with peep-toes? Nay!

What’s the deal you asked? The deal is simple: You’re trying to get away from your usual denims/pants this summer, and stockings might be a clear cut choice for an evening or a night out. They’re sheer, they’re sexy, and of course, they’re super stylish. But why no peep-toes? Like a lot of other combinations that don’t blend well together – like salt and sugar – you just don’t mix one with the other.

Mixing peep toes with full-foot stockings gives you the edge if you’re dressing like Ugly Betty or turning Geek Mode on, but not if you’re working it like a true glamour-doll.

2. The right lingerie

You obviously know when a pair of boobs has gone from ‘nay’ to ‘yay’ suddenly. And when you’re at the beach this vacation, and you randomly spot an otherwise NoSecondLook kind of set going all Sunny Leone-ish, you know it’s either the Wonder Bra, or well, her doctor.

In this case, however, I’m pointing out to the much more obvious-and-more-commonly-done faux pas – the wrong kind of bra. Don’t jump in for lace on a tight tee, or a regular one for a plunging neckline, unless of course you want the world to know what you’re wearing inside.

3. Swimwear to suit your body and skin type

Whether you’ve got broad hips, a huge chest or pigmented skin (like me), its important for you to pick a style that you like and then go with something that matches your skin, when stepping out to that beach – dressed to kill, did someone say?

Remember, not only is picking between a one piece, bikini or monokini important, but the right colour and cut are vital factors too. See the image makeover Priyanka Chopra won with a better understanding of that – image above.

(Psst! Don’t forget that sun block!)

4. Those are leggings, not pants

Now don’t lie, but you’ve definitely seen atleast one girl who’s worn her short T-shirt over the leggings just like that. Truth, isn’t it?

Well, most of us have seen one of her kind too (and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t pinch our friends at the sight of it), and we’ve cringed with the thought of how her backside was looking. Too much shape? Too much volume? Or just too much that we don’t like? Well, the key to this one, if you’re in the mood for your favourite short tee, is to add up a pair of cute shorts or a skirt, and allow yourself to breathe with comfort.

We all feel the heat with the summer weather trickling up, but treating your leggings as denims? Nope, that’s certainly not the answer.

5. Colour block – BLOCKED

Who doesn’t love adding colour to an overall look? Blues, greens, yellows, oranges mixed well with reds and some neutrals too. (insert happy huge smile here) But the real disappointment creeps in when you see someone wearing different shades of the same colour!

No, the colour block NOT mean a red top, pink jeans, maroon jacket, mauve shoes and a fuchsia bag!! It means adding bursts of colour to the look, thus making it fresh, vibrant and full of freshness (read: perfect for the summer).

Well, now that I’m done with this post on faux pas that you guys shouldn’t be making, don’t forget to send in images of yourself in YOUR best dressed outfit. Lets share the love, shall we? In the meanwhile, don’t forget to add yourselves up to the Fashionably Ever After BlackBerry Messenger group by scanning its code from your BlackBerry – join the discussions today!

Until later,

Yours Fashionably,

– A