Chatty Skin Care Discussion For Dry Skin

Those of you who have been following me for a while know well enough that when it comes to skin care, dry skin is my biggest enemy! I’m always on the look out for ways to look after my skin, and make it feel and look more lively. Every chance I get, I open out a new product and test it to review it for all of you. This new set of products from Palmers was no different. I absolutely loved how unified this set was, when it come down to its packaging, look, texture and most of all, fragrance! Standing amongst the top of my skin care list right now (you know if you saw my March Favourites video), I had to give you a little insight into how I’m pampering myself at home every now and then, with this being my latest set of spoils! What better way to make the most of ‘work from home’, right?! 🙂

A few points you might want to take away about these products:
– The moisturiser multi-purposes as a skin and hair softener, in case you’d like to use it whilst shaving too. You know well that so far, I’ve been someone who shaves regular as opposed to waxing, so this add on goes a long way for me.
– the lip balm is something you definitely want to try, even if you don’t have lips that might be totally dry. Use it as a base before you start out your makeup, and give it a quick dab with a tissue before applying your lipstick. This will give it a primer-like surface to build on, and the finish will be amazing. I’m personally someone who has dry lips + has an undying love for liquid mattes; for me, this lip balm is the newest add on to my survival kit!
– last but not the least, don’t expect miracles with (any!!) products over night. Give it at least 10-21 days (depending on your skin type) to see the results. I’ve mentioned in the video how often I’m using each of these products, in case you’d like to take queue for the same.

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