Colourful Contrasts

I love the monsoons, but there isn’t really anything ‘happy’ about a dull, gloomy day. Apart from the fact that the weather is pleasant and cozy, for someone like me who loves to cuddle herself to sleep inside the warm sheets. All I can think of in my semi-awake state is methods on fully waking myself up with a hot cuppa black tea. Between my twenty-fourth birthday and the windy, extremely flooded streets of Bombay, Megha and I found this one morning with a bright window shining through, giving me enough time to be able to work on an outfit post. The first thing that came to my mind? Bright, lively colours!

Keeping a typical day in my life in mind, I wanted to throw together a look that’s comfortable to wear and easy to put together – without, of course, losing out on the easy-chic quotient. For good measure of the colourful spirit, I wore this bright lippy and found this gorgeous graffiti background to click this look in front of.

Something completely unrelated to the look: when it comes to seasons like monsoon, the cases you read about depression and anxiety are always on the rise. Just remember that gloomy weather doesn’t have to mean a gloomy frame of mind – at all. It’s all about putting a smile on, shaking off the negativity and remembering that if you’re strong willed enough, no matter what anyone else says, you’ll get where you want to.

T-shirt, Shirt,¬†Jeans, & Bag: Only / Shoes: Nike / On my lips: MAC’s Ruby Woo Lip Glass / Rings: Bespoke diamond and blue sapphire rings along with my Swarovski ring

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Until next time xA

Photos by Megha Mehta