Decoded: The Guy’s Night Out

With the hectic schedule of the week coming to an end, the last thing you want to do is worry about your outfit for a night out. Whether you’re partying the night away with your gang or heading out for a quiet dinner with bae, we’ve got all your fashion needs covered. Even with so many styles and trends in the picture, there’s really no hard and fast rule that works for a night out outfit. But then again, you don’t want to head to a crowded bar filled with casually dressed dudes in a three piece suit. So here’s where we help you decode the perfect outfit using the interplay of different colours and accessories to find the perfect match to help you own the night.

For this look, we choose a printed shirt in beige and paired it with dark navy trousers for a masculine touch, in contrast with┬áthe florals on the shirt. The belt, which is normally considered a compulsion, was let go of to let the blue stitch details on the trouser steal the spotlight. To experiment a little, the hemline of the trouser was also folded up to give it a cropped length, especially for places where the dress code isn’t on the stricter side. The funk factor comes in with the patent leather sneakers, that have a red lining, in place of your traditional leather shoes or a pair of oxfords. Scroll ahead to get your weekend dressing game in place:

Shirt: Jack & Jones | Trousers: Monsieur M | Sunglasses & shoes: Koovs | Earrings: Model’s own (thrifted)


A What When Wear Story:

Model: Saaquib Ayubi (Email for bookings; Instagram)

Styled in collaboration with: Jennifer Mehta

Hair & Makeup: Naima Rahimtulla (Email; Facebook; Instagram)

Location Courtesy: The Park Hotel, Navi Mumbai

Photos: Harshad Sutar

Special thanks to Gerard Jayaranjan