Elle Beauty Awards 2014 | On The Jury

Over the years, as readers of the high-on-gloss magazines, we love and look forward to the fashion updates and beauty awards that publications bestow upon various brands. So when Elle, India’s leading magazine invited me to be on board for their jury of the Elle Beauty Awards (EBA) 2014 and asked me to go over from one side of the table to the other, I lapped up the opportunity with both hands! I’ve always believed in giving all you readers and viewer my trust opinions of the products I’ve tried, and even used the best ones in my beauty tutorials; so today, I’m going to share with you my review on the products I tested out for EBA 2014 from the very luxurious Beauty Bag. Read on to know which products I reviewed and what I thought about it:

Dior Lipstick – The name says enough by itself, doesn’t it? My Dior lipstick was effortless to apply and stayed for long hours. I wore it through a meal to see if it gets wiped off, and thankfully, most of it stayed put and lasted through the evening. The packaging was elegant and simple, which is definitely my preference over OTT; and it smelled fantastic as well. Overall rating: 4/5

Dessange Code Smooth Blow Dry Milk – While I didn’t think must of the fragrance or packaging of this product, I did like that it did its’ job pretty well. My hair usually takes in blow dries really well, and so to test is properly, I tried it on a friend. Her hair stayed through her day at work and almost completely until the time she slept off, as well. This clearly goes to show that while the branding wasn’t great with the box, the product clearly speaks for itself! Overall: 4/5


Oriflame Blush – Another product I experienced that had a not-so-pleasing smell, but its’ job well. I only had to dab my cheeks with this powerful powder-blush and I was good to go. The color stood out against three different skin tones (I tried it across different parts of my arm as well) pretty well, as well. Overall: 4/5


Colorbar Nail Color – Thanks to the fact that I love trying different brand of nail lacquer, this was a product I wasn’t new to. I’m a lover of the Colorbar lipstick range, they have a wide variety of colors, and it’s obvious their nail products offer a similar range as well. This hot pink color I was trying was super easy to apply and almost completely opaque with two layers. Overall: 4/5

Kerastase Initialiste – The perfect product for someone who has hair issues. This one is the absolute perfect balance of fragrance, quality, branding and packing. Overall: 5/5


Me Me Me Eyeshadow – As an eyeshadow pigment, I wish that this product was able to stand out against all colors of skin. It created a dramatic, vibrant impact with its’ color, but after only too many coats. Personally, I didn’t like the packaging or the smell of it. All in all, it was too average for my liking. Overall: 3/5

Dove Go Fresh Face Wash – Simplicity at it’s best. Easily, my favorite product from the bag and every girl’s absolute essential! A face wash that goes well with all skin types and manages to deliver brilliance with the quality of the product as also its’ packaging and branding. Overall: 5/5


Colorbar Eye Shadow: A beautiful eye shadow for the girl that doesn’t have too much type to spare. A simple dab on the eye lid with your finger tip or a brush, and you’re good to go. An average smell backed up well by the variety of color tones available, and great branding. Overall: 4/5

Being part of such a prestigious award platform has been amazing experience! If you have any reviews you’d like to share with us here on whatwhenwear.in, please drop in an email to us on hello@whatwhenwear.in and we’ll surely see what we can do.

Until next time,

xo, A