Everyday Lace Love

You know one of those days that you don’t put too much effort into how you look, but just manage feel pretty good about yourself? Yes, I clicked this outfit post on one of those. Shortly after all the fun I had on my twenty fourth birthday, running between a few errands, meetings and fittings; I stopped between the chaos to just take note of how this red lace jacket is one of my newest favourite items. By total coincidence, I realised that the jacket and sunnies were in total sync, and my overall look, wide leg pants included, were exuding such a retro vibe.

Between all the days that us girls consciously doll up, whether or not we’re taking those Instagram selfies or Snapchat stories, or shooting for an outfit post, it’s a good feeling to just realise that even with minimal makeup (I’m wearing BB Cream here!) you can feel pleasant about yourself. My thought for the day? No matter what’s going in your life, keep your chin up, smile and remember that everything’s going to be okay!

Black slip: Forever 21 / Wide leg pants: Bespoke / Red lace jacket: Stalk Buy Love / Sunnies: Esprit Eyewear (Pearl Enterprise) / Tan wedges: Bangkok find / Rings: Bespoke fine diamonds, blue sapphire ring & Swarovski ring

Until next time xA

Photos by Gerard Jayaranjan