#YourHighness: Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

Being short isn’t something you need to feel bitter about; rather, your petite frame makes you look like a little package of cute! But sometimes, our aspirations gather the will to reach the height of Deepika Padukone in a pair of 6-inch heels, and we all want to look a little taller than we are. Well, don’t give up on those towering ambitions just yet, because with the right clothing and styling, it’s possible to create the illusion of height! We decoded these celebrity-proofed #FashionHacks, that will have you looking taller and slimmer, instantaneously:

1. Vertical Stripes

While horizontal stripes may enhance the width of your body, vertical stripes go a long way in creating height. Watch how Kendall Jenners’ striped shirt lends her torso a stretched out, longer look.

Kendall Jenner Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

2. Nude Pumps

Little did you know, that these neutral heels help you look much taller by being in continuum with your legs. Kangana’s nude pumps help her legs appear longer and tricks you into thinking she’s taller.

Kangana Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

3. Pinning Up Your Hair

Putting your hair up in a bun or a short bob helps divert all the attention towards your face and torso, without your hair acting as a distracting factor. This generally helps in creating a more elongated and sleek look.

Taylor Swift Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

4. High-Waist

Shorts, skirts, jeggings or jeans; any high-waist bottom can make you look inches taller! This is because they create a vision of a longer bottom half. Look at how Jacqueline’s printed skirt adds some extra height to her look.

Jacqueline Fernandez Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

5. Matching Your Shoes With Your Pants

Look taller by creating a continuous effect when you match your shoes to your pants. We love how Kim Kardashian looks slimmer and taller by going for a white pants and pumps combination.

Kim K Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

6. Shorter Lengths

Gigi Hadid goes against popular beliefs, and proves that a mini worn with a pair of tall heels can prove to have a visual effect that makes your legs appear lengthened.

Gigi Hadid  Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller

7. Puff Up!

One of the easiest ways to look taller, take style tips from Deepika Padukone and put your hair up in a dramatic puff to add height.

Deepika Padukone in a retro look at PK Success Party

8. Well-fitted Clothes

We couldn’t stress on this any harder! Make sure your outfit flatters you from every angle and accentuates just the right parts.

Katrina Kaif   Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Taller