Fashion Week Style Guide

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ncase you haven’t heard already – What When Wear is the official fashion blog for Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2013, and to say that I’m thrilled, would be an understatement. Gear up for tons of updates, news, pictures, Instagrams and so much more! Now, getting back to today’s topic –

Confession: I once bought a pair of heels from Aldo that were a size too small! Why? Well, because they didn’t have the pair in my exact size & the heels were way too gorgeous to pass up! (hides face and runs away)

Well, what I’m trying to say is that sometimes looking your best and feeling your best are actually not the same thing – but hey, I’m not saying they cant be! For a time like fashion week where you’re busy running between shows, working on interviews, juggling content and creatives, the one thing that needs to work for a girl is how comfortable she is in what she’s wearing. Having been at fashion week for a few seasons now, I made a list of do’s and don’ts and I’m going to share it with you right now:

Footwear –

DON’T get uncomfortable with ridiculously sky high heels unless you can walk around in them all day. The movement at all-day events needs you to stay comfortable and blister-less.

DO carry an extra pair of flats in your bag, or leave it in your car just for emergencies. Simpler route? Wear wedges – they’re so much more comfortable for an all-day kind of thing.


Handbag –

DON’T think you can get away with carrying a tiny clutch if you’re used to carrying your world around in your hand-carry (I know I could never fit my stuff into that!)

DO carry a tote big enough to fit your stuff; or if you’re insistent on carrying small clutches for style statements, make sure your company doesn’t mind carrying your bag for you. Even better? Keep your bigger bag in your car. But personally, I’d just settle for a really stylish tote that fits everything in.


Makeup –

DON’T wear a thousand products and not carry any product for touch ups. If you’re smart enough to wear a lot of layers, be smart enough to carry your basics at least.

DO go easy on the base and don’t cake up. There are different kinds of base/foundations available, make sure you’re wearing something that’s long lasting and preferably HD – pictures turn out best! Also, slight dabs and touch ups every 2-3 hours is a must.

Cat Eye Make Up : Video Tutorial

Clothes –

DON’T wear anything uncomfortable that’s going to have you stressing out halfway through the day.

DO wear something that’s not just your style in terms of the way it looks, but also fits you right (ahem, ahem – that one’s for my shoe story) and is comfortable enough to pass the day in.

what when wear ootd 2-1

Stay Organized –

DON’T run about checking what the next show is all the time, or struggle with schedules between interviews, star spotting and what not.

DO carry along an iPad/tablet/organizer in which you can write down everything you need and plan it out just the way you like.


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