It’s that time of the year again, the time for giveaways. (And if you were thinking monsoons, you were right for that too!) This one’s an all new patterned one though; something easy, fun & rainy. Literally.

What’s in for you?

Win yourself free gift vouchers worth upto Rs 1500/- from Shop In On It – the perfect place to shop online for everything stylish; comfortably & conveniently.

What have you got to do?

Like I said, this one’s simpler than you think:

(a) Follow @ShopInOnIt & @FashionablyEvAf on Twitter (b) Tag @FashionablyEvAf & #FEAMonsoonTip (c) Answer a simple question: “What’s your best fashion tip for the monsoons?

In case you’re worried about long answers: Chill out and send it in over more than a single tweet (if need be). We’re patient and excited, so we’ll read everything.

Now here’s some stuff you want to keep in mind:

(a) You have till Thursday, 19th July, 12PM to send in your answers (b)You can send any number of answers, we’re happy to read sort of people  (c) No emails or Facebook Page inboxes will be considered valid (d) No answers without the hash-tag #FEAMonsoonTip will be considered valid for the contest (e) You MUST follow both the handles mentioned on Twitter; no prizes will be handed out to hash-tag users who aren’t followers (yes, we’re cheeky and we know it and we ain’t afraid to show it!) (f) The contest is valid across India (g) There are two winners for this contest, one for the Rs 1000/- voucher; and the other for the Rs 1500/- voucher (h) The winners will be announced on the 20th of July, 2012.

A little tip to all of you: Retweeting our contest based tweets gives you bonus points and increases your chances of winning!

So good luck all of you! Get started, your time is running out!

Yours Fashionably,

– A