Fits & Finds

Ever since I lost a few kilos over the past few months (woohoo, back to my original size!), it’s been on my mind that m wardrobe needs a makeover. Unlike the traditional system of getting an elaborate trousseau together just before getting married, where the bride puts together a new wardrobe altogether and lets go of the older pieces, I chose to wait it out and figure my way around this inch fluctuation for myself first. And thankfully yes, it did turn out to be a good decision, and one that I’m definitely enjoying, too.

I raided a couple of high street brands over the past couple of weeks (details in my vlogs!) and have been thoroughly enjoying my new clothes. The rampage of new items in my wardrobe hasn’t ended as yet, but I decided to make a list of a couple of new shopping tips I’ve given myself – and some that a few others have passed on to me over a period of time – for you guys!

  1. Keep the tag on for longer if you can: wear your new outfit and strut around the house for a bit to be sure if the fit is for you. I recently bought myself a new denim skirt, and unfortunately, it was only after wearing it for a couple of hours after I tore the tag off did I realise that the piece was one size too big. Sad, I know!!
  2. Look up swatches: A lot of international makeup brands are now becoming fast available in the market. Some through Instagram stores that swear by the product’s authenticity, and some at local stores that get their clients or other sources to fly the products in with them as and when they can. The only sad part about getting these internationally acclaimed brands through these non-legit sources (they’re not licensed to be selling those brands!!) is that they never let you swatch the products and see how the shade will look exactly on you. Poof! The solution to this one is simple though, get on YouTube and browse through the swatches. Bonus points to the fact that a lot of brands are starting to swatch their shades on multiple skin types through their Instagram feeds – and I think we might have Kylie Jenner Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills to thank for that!
  3. Always check the return and refund policies: Even if you’ve shopped with a brand before, don’t be afraid to recheck their policies with them at the cash counter. These policies might change from time to time, and there’s no harm in asking. Be even more careful if and when you’re shopping from one of the smaller online stores via Instagram or their website – make sure they have their refund policies well spelt out. I was recently conned by a website really terribly, by buying something for my new home. They sent me the item in the wrong size and claimed that the one I wanted was out of stock. I was super upset about this because they sent me the product in a much smaller size, and instead of being honest and making a refund of the price difference, they froze me out by putting me on to their very unhelpful staff on their helpline. However, when I went on to their website to see if they had the bigger size (the one I ordered) still available, it was!! I was so let down, I decided to leave the whole thing out.
  4. Last but not the least, for sure – always go with your gut on sizes: When you’re shopping, some shirts or denims may fit you ‘just right’ whereas some may look ‘sexy and snug’. Basis you weight fluctuations and fit preference, be sure to pick the one you feel most comfortable in.

Top: Forever 21 / Denims: H&M / Bag: Zara / Earrings & ring: Fine jewellery gifted by my mom and husband (don’t know the brands, sorry!) / Bracelet: Minawala Jewels / Heels: Ana (USA) / On my lips: TBT by Tarte Cosmetics / Photos: Clicked by Disha Vaswani; Edited by me