5 Easy Steps To Take Your Look From Day To Night

Take this from someone who believes strongly in desk to dinner dressing: it’s the best thing ever! Saves me the hassle of coming home to change if I have an event or a get together to be at after long hours at work. All I do is keep a few basic things in my bag or car at all times, and I know I’m ready to go. What are these basic necessities I’m referring to? Read on..

Let your eyes do the talking

Touch up your eyes and define them well; doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to a night club or a dimly lit resto-bar. Your eye contact with the people you’re with (personal or professional) speaks volumes of your personality, make sure they look fashionable as ever.


My quick fix: I love mascara and so I add some extra strokes of it before heading for out anywhere. There are times when I feel like ditching the eyeliner/kohl, but I never ever skip the curler and mascara.

Lip It Up

No, I’m not referring to the much talked about lip shirt, I’m talking about your lip colour. Always keep a couple of colour options handy when you’re heading out for a long day; especially something that might translate to and through the night.



My quick fix: I’m moody about my lip colour; although I love bright pops, I’m also a fan of the deep tones and occasionally the nude numbers. I make sure I keep one of each with me at all times.

Add some shine

Shimmer and shine, there’s something I’m currently crushing on (and have been since I was 6 year old, to be honest!) Add a little drizzle of shimmer on your ensemble. It could be through your clothes, jewellery or even just your nails.

metalic 2

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metallic 3

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My quick fix: While I would love to have a little shimmer on my nails, I’m not a big fan of sitting steady for even three minutes to let the polish dry. My solution is to throw in hints of shimmer through my accessories, if not my outfit.

Go easy with your hair

Comfort is of utmost importance to me. While I love my top knots, fishtail braids and other hair do’s, I much prefer to let my hair loose and let it take its’ own shape.

easy hair 1

My quick fix: Toss your head over, let your hair fall over it and just shake it up by roughly brushing your scalp with your finger tips. Nothing gives more bounce to my hair than this!

Accessorise smartly

You don’t have to dive into the accessory pool and leave with everything that managed to stay on. Keep it stylish and classy, don’t overdo the number of accessories if you have even a speck of doubt about being able to pull it off.

statement jewellery IMG_6238

statement jewellery NKLC00163

My quick fix: My personal style is minimalistic when it comes to accessories, and so, I like to have only one or basic or statement pieces on. Know your style and stick to it; it’s one thing to be inspired and another to ape. Pick wisely!

Until next time xA