Five Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

#WinterIsComing (see what I did there?) and with it comes a whole new season of fashion and beauty trends. It’s now time to let go of the basic and experiment with new styles, to make an impression this festive season. With so many events coming your way, you’re definitely going to want to put forward some versatile looks, especially if you’re hanging out with the same crowd. That music concert look has got to be more dramatic than your classy New Years Eve one, amirite? Now, we know your outfit isn’t going to be an issue here, but what can really help in transforming your style, is your eye make-up. Black is evergreen, but think about experimenting with bold colours and quirky ways of wearing that classic, winged eye. So get that vanity kit out and your browser set to our YouTube channel, because you’re going to be searching for tutorials as soon as you see how these celebs wore their eyeliner:

1. Coloured Liner

Add a thin stroke of your favourite colour to your eyelid and waterline for a mysterious, yet ultra sexy look. If you can’t seem to let go of the black, retain it on the edges to give more definition.

Emma Stone 6 Ways To Wear Eyeliner

2. Electric Smoky Eyes

We’re all done mastering the black smoky eye, but Kristen Stewart’s electric blue one is hitting us right in the feels. We can’t seem to stop adoring it and you should definitely try this bold look for that next night out. Go for a classic smoky eye, then add a blue eye pencil towards the inside of your eye, and blend for that exuberant effect.

Kristen Stewart 6 Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

3. Double-Flicked Eyeliner

Go Plain Jane on the waterline, and get this sooty look by tracing the line of your black, winged eye with a white eye pencil. It’s super easy, but can add a quirky yet classy element to any look.

Gigi Hadid 6 Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

4. Classic Flick

Cara Delevingne is giving us #MakeUpGoals with this classic look. Go heavy with the mascara and a tiny flick on the sides, add a bold, red lipstick and you’re good to go.

Cara Delevingne  6 Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

5. All About The Drama

Taylor Swift’s eyeliner was the show-stopper at the VMA’s 2015. She goes for a sharp edge and joins it to the waterline for an overall dramatic effect. Notice how she went nude on her lips to tone down the dark eyeliner. We love!

Taylor Swift Five Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner