Flat Lined

I don’t know whether it’s the obsession with Grey’s Anatomy that I’ve recently developed, or the fact that I’m on a dont-wear-heels spree since a little while, but when I started to write this post about the different styles of flats you should own, ‘flat lined’ was the first title that came to my mind. Anyway, getting back to the point: For the longest time I have assumed that every time someone said they were wearing ‘flats’ the only thing that immediately came to my mind were plain Jane pumps, maybe even slippers. But ever since I’ve been on this flats-spree I’ve learnt that there’s so much more to my shoe cupboard than just those. Apart from the 50 something pairs of shoes I own, I couldn’t resist an evening out to go and have a look at shoe shops that I knew would make me happy. The end result? 4 more pairs of shoes.. well, flats, for me. Here’s my list of different kind of flats each of you fashionistas must have!

The casual pumps

These need to introduction: we have them, we wear them, we love them. The simple pumps are everyone’s go-to in dire times or for daily wear. When in doubt, bring out the pumps.

Flat Shoes 4 WWW - Pumps

The slippers, also known as chappals

Every college girl’s favorites. Effortless and easiest to pair up with your denims, or when going typical street style. I’m sure each of us own a couple of these at the least!Flat Shoes 5 - Slippers WWW

Glamorous gladiators

Gladiator flats are a style statement by themselves. They’re super chic, fun to wear and go with almost everything you own. They’re not over the top and yet, not understated either. Personally, I think if paired correctly these can give any other style a run for its’ money.
Flat Shoes 6 WWW - Gladiators

Time period

Go a little vintage, maybe a little retro. Try adding a little pre-me era to your look by throwing in polka dots, bows, buckles and so much more on your feet – you know they can look super cute too!Flat Shoes 7 RetroVintage WWW


If you’re a girl who can carry off androgyny with finesse, don’t shy away from letting your feet try it too. Go ahead, add some quirk-factor to that maxi dress or mini-skirt.Flats 1 WWW

A little desi

Nothing beats the tadka of adding a slight desi touch to the overall look. I love throwing on mojdis to my plain white shirt, or flaunting my bejeweled heels on my not-so-bejewled outfit – why not do the same for the flats too? Always keep a pair handy for that slightly off-beat look; who knows, it might just become your new style statement. Flat Shoes 2 - WWW EthnicThink I missed out on anything? Liked this post? Let me know, the comments section is right below! Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the post and share it with your friends too!