Floral 101 | Summer Fashion For Men

The overriding essence of the 21st Century man is the ability to freely experiment with new looks. This season brings in florals as a major trend for men, with high street fashion brands like Topman and luxury labels like Gucci and Alexander McQueen featuring #FlowerPower in their menswear collections. The print is usually associated as being highly feminine in nature, but with the line between menswear and womenswear blurring in the modern day, we think it’s perfectly acceptable to let go of this stigma.

The look we styled for the summer season consists of a floral tee that’s paired with baby blue trousers, mustard moccasins and holographic shades. The polo style of the t-shirt and the blue/green combination of the slightly botanical print helps preserve the masculinity of the look. Further, the streamlined and straight fit of the trousers, inspite of their light colour goes a long way in┬ámaintaining a casual, day vibe. Pairing it up with holographic wayfarers and mustard shoes give it a strong metrosexual touch, very similar to the likes of Bollywood’s most desired man, Ranveer Singh. Since all out florals might be a tad bit too much for most men, the idea of working with a print on a single piece or accessory has helped florals pave their way into men’s fashion. Scroll ahead to see how florals and summer go hand-in-hand to produce a look that’s perfect for a day on the move:

Tshirt: Tommy Hilfiger / Pants: Levis / Sunnies: Joe Black x Koovs / Shoes: Tresmode

A What When Wear Story:

Model: Saaquib Ayubi (Email for bookings; Instagram)

Styled in collaboration with: Jennifer Mehta

Hair & Makeup: Naima Rahimtulla (Email; Facebook; Instagram)

Location Courtesy: The Park Hotel, Navi Mumbai

Photos: Harshad Sutar

Special thanks to Gerard Jayaranjan