Foodgasms From Goa!

To most people, the idea of Goa equals a whole lot of non stop partying. For me though, the idea of Goa has always been associated with chill time and amazing food. Don’t get me wrong, partying in Goa is amazing too, but my priorities on it are definitely a little different. For one, I always try to stay in the north side of the little state. I feel like having a busy set of beaches to pick from is a wonderful decision to ponder over. So I usually grab myself a towel and spend my evenings on one of them at whatever beach I’m in the mood for. While my company for Goa changes depending on whether I’m traveling for pleasure or work, the one thing that never changes are my favourite spots to be at (read: to eat at). This last trip of mine though, had me ooh-ing and aah-ing at a new property I had the chance of discovering: Le Meridien. Less than a year old, the new property located in Calangute boasts of many facilities, many of which I plan on sharing with you in the upcoming blog post and vlog. But for today, I plan on leaving you with some mouth watering photos of my food through my stay there. If you know me well enough, you know that I often binge on desserts before a meal apart from just after, and my midnight binges have way more sugar than they should, so please don’t be surprised by the domination of sweet dishes in these photos. What appealed to me a whole lot from the food at the property though, was the amazing variety with which they managed to find a balance of Indian and international cuisines. And you can be sure to find something for your taste buds at their variety of restaurants no matter of your preferences! Scroll on for the photos: