For The Love Of Shoes

Every girl loves shoes. The ones she has, the ones she wants and even the ones she used to have. But the question that comes to my mind about fashionable footwear is, “what are the footwear essentials?” I’m sure most of you have read one of my previous posts, which tells you about the ‘party girl must haves‘; but what about the girls who just shop for the love of shoes? Which types of shoes MUST you have in your wardrobe? Read on to know more.

Brogues: The perfect add on to your ensemble if you’re leaning towards an androgynous or quirky look. Grab that printed maxi, ditch the flip-flops or heels and throw on that pair of brogues – you’re set! The latest trend alert has had aplenty celebrities sporting this style and it looks nothing short of super stylish!

Ballerinas: Of course we have these! They’re simple and easy to add on with almost your entire clothes collection. Be it in bold colours, neutral shades to match anything at anytime or even the latest fad of printed footwear, pumps are a great way to look well dressed, simply.

Pumped heels: This style is like ballerinas on heels. They usually come with platforms on the front half, and the taller they are, the sexier they tend to look. Whether it’s an LBD or a pair of denims, this style goes with literally anything in your wardrobe.

Loafers: Another style that can add the quirk quotient to your total look. Brilliant for casual wear; and a studded one (like in the picture) sure adds up to the glamour quotient for a day at work.

Boots: We may not always have the weather to wear these in India, but whether it’s a calf length pair or a knee length one, I believe that every girl MUST own a pair of boots (I know I own 5!) They look uber cool and a great when you want to add dimension to a simple look.

Shoots: Shoes + Boots – that’s the simplest explanation there is for this. An ankle length pair of boots that goes well with either short lengths like skirts shorts or full length pants/denims – nothing in between. Wedges, heels or platforms, these look gorgeous when clubbed with the right garments.

Do you have any inputs to this? Let me know with an email, a tweet or simply in the comments section below.

Yours Fashionably,

Aanam C