Friendships And Beyond

Of all the things in the world, gifting people something they’ll actually use is easily one of the trickiest things. Now that I’m planning out my upcoming nuptials, its safe to say that the badgering of my friends while they ask me what I want for my ‘wedding gift’ is something that might gradually grow on me; but it makes me realise how clueless people can be when it comes to ‘safe gifting’.

This Friendship Day, while I stirred my mind to come up with something that was the right balance of cheese and cool for my friends, I was thrilled to hear from SPACES Home & Beyond. A brand that symbolises easy gifting in the simplest of ways, I chose to accept their offer of collaborating on this fun occasion, and throwing a fun little shindig for a few, select close friends. The Spaces team was generous enough to come over, decorate my fiance Gerard’s house up (which is where we hosted the party) and worked their magic between the flowers, wall decor and of course, their new Youthopian Denim Collection for the bed linen.

My favourite little corner of the way the house was done up had to be the balloons and flowers by the window, all with faux grass and everything! So here’s a big thank you to the Spaces team, for this amazing idea and a great initiative. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram page for some informative updates, specially now that the big festive season, starting with Raksha Bandhan in just a couple of days is coming about. Scroll on for photos:

Spaces Friendship Day Event 1 Spaces Friendship Day Event 2 Spaces Friendship Day Event 7 Spaces Friendship Day Event 6 Spaces Friendship Day Event 4 Spaces Friendship Day Event 5 Spaces Friendship Day Event 8 Spaces Friendship Day Event 3 Spaces Friendship Day Event 9