Fringe Benefits

It’s probably the most cliched title for the latest trend around town but here goes. For those of you who don’t know, we aren’t talking about the haircut – it’s the dramatic and glam chic fringe clothing that’s been donned by almost every famous personality in the past few months. This style’s been spotted everywhere – from red carpets to celeb airport styles – they’ve all been strutting around with fringes on dresses, skirts and even shorts. From what we know, it takes more than just a little effort to make this trend look classy. It can go anywhere from fabulous to trashy, it all depends on how you wear it. A little tip? Keep the fringe accessory or clothing as a statement piece and keep it simple will the rest. That’s the drill to get the right ‘fringe benefits’.

So to give you a wee bit more of inspiration, here’s a round-up of celebs who’ve been rocking the fringe: