Garage Sale

Serendipity Image Consulting Services, a well established firm run by Serena Rayani, is having a garage sale on the 25th of February, 2012. They invite you to be a part of it, by not just attending the event and enabling the proceeds to go to charity, but to sell your own stuff (in good condition, of course) for the cause too!

Now, personally I don’t know the owner of the firm, or the charity she wishes to support, but I do know that a lot of us tend to be lazy about ‘cleaning out our closets’, failing to acknowledge the lack of opportunities for a lot of people out there, from different walks of life. So, I request each of you (especially the super lazy lot) to please, go out there and use fashion in a constructive way, while you have the opportunity to.

From the little information that I do have, you should know that brands like Burberry, Forever New, Zara, Mango, etc are all going to be up for sale. You should log onto their Facebook page for further details, and be a part of the contribution.

Oh & bytheway, it isn’t mandatory for you to forward your proceeds to charity, like or with Serena. You can maintain complete independency as well. 6th of February, 2012 is the last day for bookings, go right ahead!

Good luck to SICS from our end! 🙂

Yours Fashionably,

-A (: