Giving Into Cliches

Everything about my liking towards food, movies or travel destinations has me in the obvious ‘mainstream’ category; and more often than not, I love it! There’s something so good, safe and frankly, comforting, in being predictable. A close friend of mine and I were recently having a cconeonversation about life, and she was telling me about how sometimes she found work too monotonous, or her relationship getting way too habitual. And while I’ve heard people talk about this as a situation to ‘handle’ way too many times, I just have a a totally different take on it: all our lives, we look for someone to be comfortable around, a job we can do everyday without feeling a burden on our shoulders. To be at an equation with our friends and family where we can talk to our family like friends, and be so close to friends, that they’re family. And yet somehow, when it comes to going into the more ‘obvious’ and more ‘cliche’ zone, we cringe away. What’s with that?

I just want to take a moment out and say that I’m perfectly okay with being a sucker for cliches. I’m okay with being the girl that cries at the end of a dramatic Dharma Productions movie, or enjoys a rom-com where two BFFs finally see they were made for each other the whole time. I’m okay that my mother knows exactly what food to make for me when I’m down (FYI: Butter Garlic prawns!) and that my best friend knows he can get me a box of Ferrero Rochers when he’s done something to make me upset (which I land up thoroughly enjoying by the way) So this post is me, giving in to the most obvious cliches of Spring/Summer: pastels with floral prints. I’m making the most of the season – are you?

Giving Into Cliches Giving Into Cliches Giving Into Cliches

Top, shoes, bag: Bangkok / Floral pants: Local boutique at Hill Road / Neckpiece: Sourced / On my lips: L’Oreal’s Pure Amaranthe

Before I say my good byes, I want to let all of you know that I’ve recently joined a really cool, new fashion App called Roposo. It’s a social sharing and shopping application that’s available on both, iOS and Android. You can catch my posts there as well apart from my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram pages.

Until next time xA

Photos by Megha Mehta