Glimpses Of A Day In My Life

The job of being a full time blogger and YouTuber definitely has its perks, but it isn’t all fun and play. The glamorous job of being a fashion/beauty based public figure means having a lot of research to do, a whole lot of logistics for shoots, production, post production – and let’s not forget that it’s the kind of job that never really switches off. I’m not complaining about this one bit, just listing out some simply facts that most people tend to over look sometimes! One of the things I’ve learnt over the six years of being in this industry is that you have to have the right kind of gadgets. The right laptop, hard drives, phone camera or professional camera – and most importantly – the right lighting, at all times. There really isn’t much room to make an error when it comes to any of these requirements, so I always make it a point to check and double check my requirements a couple of days before a shoot, and then again a few hours before we begin.

Keeping in mind that the job requires me to constantly stay abreast with photos, videos – production as well as post production of this – you have to have the right kind of understanding of lighting. This is something I learnt on the job, but believe me, these are the lessons I know I’ll never forget. Which brings me to a product I’m going to introduce to all of you today: Svarochi Smart LED Lights; these are App operated lights whose colour and intensity I can control with their mobile App. I’ve been using these lights for sometime now, and I’ve realised that the convenience they bring into my life is something I’m thoroughly enjoying. For example, I always like to do my makeup in natural light, so I usually opt for a shade of orange when I’m getting dressed. But I always make it a point to check my makeup in the clear white light once before I leave, to ensure that it looks good even if there’s a flash from a camera I might face.

The cherry of the cake is the fact that the Svarochi bulbs come with over 16 million colours to choose from, that you can juggle between with the help of their App. So you can have a different setting for your work, and a different setting for the evening when you are entertaining or simply want to relax. All you have to do is buy the bulbs and download the App – and it’s just that simple!

I hope you’ll enjoy this video that I put together which shows you glimpses of a day in my life, where I use the bulbs to my advantage.

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