Hello Kitty Wines! “How Do You Like Meoowww?”

If you happen to be a die hard fan of the adorable Hello Kitty, and also in the age group of the latter 20s, here is how you can showcase your childhood love again: Apart from champagne gummy bears, the parent company Sanrio made a brilliant decision to shake hands with Torti Winery in Italy. These mysterious companies have had the grapes aside for Ms. Kitty in 2007 already, when Sanrio enjoyed the tasted of their wine and suggested to start the new line. Their collection includes six types of wines; Rosé, Sweet Pink, Sparkling Rosé, Cupido, Charmy and Lady. If you ask us, this is by far the best thing ever happened to our Japanese cat. To top it all up, the modish packaging totally justifies the craze it has created in the market. Doesn’t it feel like a dream come true? We can now enjoy Hello kitty even in our adult lives, what more do we want? Probably just a glass of this lovely drink, now!

Hello Kitty Wine

Warning: Please drink with responsibility because these wines can make you very cutely typsy.