I Know Who My BFF Is, Who’s Yours?

Friendship to me means so much more than it ever did in my entire life. Living the busy lives that we all do, making time for the people we love and things we enjoy doing can sometimes be challenging; but given the right ammunition to live between these tight schedules, pretty much anything and everything is possible. In a recent introspective mood, I found that of all the feelings and all the moods we go through, keeping up with the twenty four hours of each day, the things we need vary depending on what’s on our timeline. Take me, for example: one day I’m between events, the other I’m among friends and family, and the next, I could be caught between intense discussions with the team discussing content and production ideas. Much like my best friend would agree, the things and the guidance needed for every state of mind can be very different. Keeping that in mind, the essentials for each of these moods, phases and mind sets are nothing close to similar. And how do I string up to the challenge and match up to it in the face? The answer is nothing, but my hand bag.

Much like that silent well wisher, your handbag keeps everything you need and helps you through the crazy times, well within an arm’s reach. It keeps you going through your work days, off days, travelling ones and passive days, too. Being a major bag collector myself, I think the main essence of having your arm candy lies in the fact that you need fabrics that are qualitative, designs that reflect your sense of style to the fullest, sizes that will easily match the requirements you have for each day – and of course, all of this well within the price brackets you’d like to pay in. It can be difficult, finding what you like, exactly what you like, and then having to consider whether “it’s worth it or not”. I find myself asking that question aloud (to myself) every time I go shopping, it’s the best way to know whether you’re going to make the most of the purchase. And more often than not, I find myself understanding the patterns of my shopping habits even more. Recently though, I’ve been smitten by the collection of handbags by Caprese. From having the perfect summer bag essentials, right to being one of the most qualitative brands in the business today; I can say with much ease that I find something for every mood from their line of handbags, wallets, clutches and laptop bags. Very recently, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with them and create a fun video to reflect my many moods and pick out bags I thought would go with every outfit, state of mind and day in my life. Make sure you check it out:

I thoroughly enjoyed filming this video at JW Sahar, Mumbai. Don’t forget that you can get similar looks, too. All you have to go is go ahead and check out Caprese’s website & also their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. They also have a really cool personality quiz going on, try it out and get yourself some major discount coupons as well!

Until next time xA