#InAbuDhabi | Part One

The last couple of months have been adventurous and almost full of travel for me. From Thailand and Goa, now to Abu Dhabi. It’s been almost three months since I got one full weekend off work, but I’m not complaining one single bit! I love the fact that travel is on the agenda, and I’m digging into content every where I go. I’ve put up snippets of these trips on Instagram for all of you to see, and now I’m getting into full blog post mode (stay tuned for the vlogs too!)

The trip to Abu Dhabi that Gerard and I were invited to, was in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Tourism. They were kind enough to book us in for four days, and make sure that we made the most of our time. Needless to say, the trip was amazingly planned out and our first time in the capital of UAE was definitely a memorable experience. Through my #InAbuDhabi blog posts, I will be taking you through some of the key highlights that stood out for me on this four day long trip. I won’t be going in any specific order as such, but I’ll be sure to share every single detail worth making note of. Let’s dive right into this:

A Peek Into Luxury

Wearing – Shirt & denim jacker: ONLY / Denims: GoColors

Let me start with saying that my flight from Bombay to Abu Dhabi ticked off something pretty special off my bucket list: the business class experience. Although I have traveled to over 20 countries in my life, I’ve thought of, but never actually had the pleasure of seating myself on the business class seats of a gorgeous airbus. Etihad Airways’ business class seats came with a few basic, and a few not-so-basic plus points. The fact that the food spread of bigger, the seats had more room and that ‘leg room’ wasn’t even something I had to think about, were little things that I knew I had coming my way. What surprised me though, was the in-built massager that could unwind my back and lower back in two different variations. If you know how much I love my massages, you’ve guessed right – I had one of them on almost all the way through my journey!

For those of you who might be wondering: the book I was reading through this trip was “Alibaba: The house that Jack Ma built” by Duncan Clark


Much like most travellers, the first thing to look out for is the stay. Where to stay? Which area to pick? What are the facilities that are non negotiable for us to have at the hotel/resort while traveling? Well, Abu Dhabi Tourism chose for us, and I’m happy to report that they chose well. Away from the hustle bustle of the touristy Corniche area, we stayed at a beautiful little Spa Resort called Andulus Resort & Spa. The property was adjacent to Al Seef Village, a neighbourhood style mall fully equipped with the best international fast food chains, medical and general stores. Housing the biggest open jacuzzi in United Arab Emirates, the resort sported these little villa style bungalows, with a variety of rooms ranging from the standard, to deluxe, right up to the suites – one of which we had the pleasure of staying in. Overlooking the swimming pool and jacuzzi was a great view to wake up to, and the open kitchen style living room we had was perfect to unwind in during our free hours.

Yas Water World

If you’ve been following my blog long enough for you to have followed me through many of my travels, you’ll know how much I love water. I’ve always adored spending time at the beach, getting a good (and hopefully, an even) tan. But here’s a little something you may not know about me: as a child, I was petrified of water rides. From a mild case of hydrophobia, to being a water baby. Even teaching myself how to swim after failing as badly as I did at swimming class, it’s been quite a relationship that water (bodies) and I have shared. But I feel like whatever little distance we had between us, Yas Water World has helped seal the deal over. I pushed myself to make sure I sit on all the water slides (well, most of them!!) and explore the water baby in me. From the deep diving slides to the almost scary tunnels, I was genuinely so happy to get a chance to try them all through the four hours I got to spend at Yas Water World. If you prefer to stay away from the rides, and just ‘be’ in the water (like old Aanam would!!) then there are lots of areas for you here as well. From the artificial waves to the pool and chill areas, there’s something for everyone at a place like this.

Yasssss For Shopping!!

Connecting, and almost in between Yas Water World and Ferrari World is Yas Mall. This is a mall I would advise everyone in Abu Dhabi to visit. Why? Because they have the hottest brands from the Middle East as also world over. I spent chunk of my time at the mall at Sephora, Zara Home and the Apple store; followed by a few other brands. With a Tesla demo going on in the middle of the mall, to the best of restaurants to explore in each nook and corner, this place is going to be a shopper, explorer and foodie’s paradise! I would suggest you give yourself at least two hours to explore the mall – and more, if you plan to eat here too.

Wearing – Top: Marks & Spencer / Denims: GoColors / Boots: Forever 21 (Thailand) / Bag: Zara / Sunglasses: Givenchy / On my lips: Heartbreaker by Huda Beauty


I’ve been told by many that it ‘doesn’t fit the stereotype’ of a fashion girl, but I’m a suckerrrr for speed. It could be fast moving cars, bikes, slides(!!) or as in this case – roller coasters. Ferrari World (FW) houses some of the most exciting rides to be on, including – wait for it – the world’s fastest roller coaster!! Formula Rossa, a ride I was most excited for at FW goes at a speed of 240 kmph and lasts approximately 25-30 seconds. Having sat on it through this trip, I promiseeee you, this one must not be missed!! I waited for an additional 35 minutes to make sure I was in the queue for first row of the ride, and to say it was worth it was an understatement! There are two-three main rollercoasters to sit on at FW, with the rest of them being much simpler. My top two from here would definitely be Formulla Rossa and Flying Aces. If you’re looking to explore all of FW, give yourself three to four solid hours to experience every ride.

Little tip: you can do Ferrari World and Yas Mall back to back considering they’re connected and part of the same structure. This will save you travel time, and you can make a day of it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for not just part two of this blog, but also the vlog from Abu Dhabi on my YouTube channel.