Inglot India’s Make Up Workshop with Ojas Rajani

The make up workshop organised by Inglot India with Ojas Rajani was NOT something you should have missed! With three completely different make up looks demonstrated to all of us present, the enthusiasm was at an all time high. Not to forget, Ojas, being as friendly and approachable as can be, was all-willing to solve all our make up doubts and rid our usual experimental inhibitions. Read on to find a list of tips he gave out for us girls to keep in mind:

  • Avoid sponge applications for foundation, base, etc – opt for brushes instead
  • Use translucent powder instead of compact on your foundation/base
  • The length of your eye liner depends on where your last lash ends
  • Cream based blushers are better for night-time wear, whereas powder based blushers are easier and better for day wear
  • Always keep earbuds handy for quick fixes while applying your make up
  • Lighter skin tones should opt for brighter shades like oranges and pinks, while more wheatish complexions look nicer with peachy, nude-ish or earthy shades of lip wear
  • Vaseline for lips and Dabur moisturizer are two products he strongly suggests
  • Avoid going for a matching lip tint or eye shadow shade with the colour you’re wearing, go for contrasting shades instead

I was also lucky enough to have a one-on-one session with Ojas, where I did a quick Take 5 session with him. Read on!

Me: One beauty secret you never cheat on:

Ojas: Moisturizing my skin, all the time. I also always use sun block in the day and apply eye cream in the night before I sleep. 

Me: 3 beauty product must-haves:

Ojas: Eye lash curler, mascara and lip balm.

Me: One make up brand you swear by:

Ojas: (with a huge grin on his face) Inglot.

Me: Okay so three quick options to choose from: eye gel V/s liquid liner, matte lips V/s glossy lips and liquid foundation V/s Cream based foundation

Ojas: Eye gel, glossy lips and the last one depends on skin type and the shine content you want

Me: One message for aspiring make up artists

Ojas: Keep your hands gentle and remember that ‘less is more’. 

The Inglot India make up workshop with Ojas Rajani was a great experience! Make sure you’re following Fashionably Ever After on Twitter to get live updates on events like these.

Yours Fashionably,

Aanam C

Aanam C