Instant Grooming This Season Of Love!

February is – and will most probably always – be known as the month of love. Date nights, Galentines and even Singles’ Nights all lead to everyone wanting to look and feel their best. If not for their partners or girlfriends, then for themselves for sure. So with today’s blog post I thought of reminding you of two simple products that could help you instantly with a grooming fix, fuss free!

First off – the Dermafique Biphasic Micellar Water. This is a product that will come in very useful to those of you who often find their eye makeup lasting way beyond what it should. The oil infused into the micellar water (making it bi-phasic) makes it a great product to take out the stubborn bits of colour cosmetics that tend to dry up and stay deep within the pores of your skin. For the Indian market in particular, I find that this will be a BFF for the kajal lovers. All those panda eyes you’ve been getting? They can be waved farewell to – finally!

I would recommend using this with a cotton pad on your face, and with a cotton swab (ear bud) for gentle use around your eye area.

My next recommendation is both – a grooming fix as well as a Valentine’s Day gifting idea! The Essenza Di Wills perfumes come in a his and hers set of fragrances. While the ‘his’ variant has a stronger scent as compared to the feminine one, it’s something that I would still totally wear myself too! (Long time followers might know how I’ve loved wearing my dad’s, brother’s and now my husband’s perfumes for so long now!)

Essenza Di Wills Ignite Fleur on the other hand is a gorgeous floral fragrance that is perfect for evening wear. With Violet, Jasmine and Black Currant being some of the notes you’ll find in this bottle, you’ll see it fitting in perfectly for the Season of Love! And remember, a good fragrance can make you feel so well groomed in just a spritz!