Is It Time For A Fresh Start?

The launch of any new product in the market makes me happy; the reason behind this is simple: there’s another choice for everyone to consider while making their purchase. The idea is to always have more options to pick from, and through trial and error, find the set of products you know works best for you. Last week, I had the chance to be at Himalaya’s launch event for their newest face wash, Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash. With 100% natural ingredients, this new skin care product promises at keeping the grease off your face.

The most common skin troubles I hear of from all of my wonderful followers is of oily skin, which is also the base type for complains relating to acne, sensitivity and other similar skin worries. So wouldn’t it be just great to have a solution to oily, sticky skin to begin with? I think so!

The all new Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash from Himalaya has been named after the ideology of giving your mornings a ‘fresh start’ instead of the gloomy, sticky feeling you get when you see yourself in the mirror – those of you with oily skin worries might relate to this completely! The new launch comes in four fruit variants – Strawberry, Lemon, Peach and Blueberry. Each of these variants come with little beads, and unlike many others from the category, these beads consist of completely natural components. While washing your face with these products, you’ll notice these beads dissolving completely, and that’s something that makes the product the perfect cross over from being just a face wash to a face scrub cum face wash.

Priced at INR 140 for 100ml and INR 75 for 50ml, I can definitely see this product becoming a go-to for so many people I know. Scroll on for pictures from the event:

Photos: Rushabh Shah (Tilted Lens)

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