Lakme Salon’s Youth Infinity Treatment

[dropcap]As[/dropcap] a blogger, it happens often that you get invited to spas & salons for reviews, opinions, trials, etc; and I’ll be honest – I don’t always go. But here’s one brand who’s invite I thoroughly enjoy and almost always find time to take up – Lakme Salon. Remember the last post I did on their chocolate treatment? Well, this time around they invited me for their Youth Infinity Treatment, and I’ve got to say, it was one hour of pure relaxation.

lakme 2

From the first step of cleansing, to the toning, massaging, applying the many layers and turns of serum and ironisation, even the floral moulding and gauzing procedure (which sounds extremely technical and scientific, I know); right to the last few minutes of cleaning up and using day cream “with SPF 15” (as the girl very promptly notified me about) – my afternoon was totally worth the time.

I’m not someone who usually has the patience to go for spa sessions often enough, I’d much rather go for a run or a dance-class to get rid of any stress. I’m also not someone who looks after her skin too much. But I think that after getting this treatment today, I’m definitely getting myself a bottle of the Youth Infinity Serum, simply because I’m feeling the difference. My skin felt fresher than it had in a while (using make up often for shoots and otherwise tends to take that away) and I’m definitely convinced that if I don’t start looking after my skin in the early 20’s, I’m heading for a 30’s full of pigmentation and maybe even worse later <insert squeal here>

So here’s the thing – this time I’d like to hear from you – which are your  favorite skin care creams? What’s your daily skin regime? How do you look after your skin? And most of all, which are the sunscreen protectors that you use? Go on and help me out this time – I want to try this out! 🙂